Students want the school of the future to be “social, green and connected”.  

For this reason the sector activities of Múses are rooted in the objective of letting the young get a taste of culture, history, art, science and nature by stimulating their senses.  Culture as knowledge, discovery, creation and amusement.

See, touch, smell, hear, learn

These activities seek to combine the educational aspects linked to wellbeing, nature and diet, with a focus on improving lifestyles.  The main goal is to inform the younger ones about the things that surround them and the conditions to preserve what will be part of their future.

For a better-oriented learning, teachers can decide with the staff to organise training courses on specific topics concerning the food farming sector and its supply chains, and people’s wellbeing. 

The offers can be adapted by level, difficulty and method depending on the needs of the teachers and school programmes.

Our proposals:    

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