MÚSES – European Academy of Essences is a project initiated by the Associazione Terre dei Savoia to enhance the traditions and the knowledge of Piedmont in medicinal herbs.

It is called MÚSES, with an acute accent on “Ú” to recall the shape of a mortar with a pestle: the tools used by apothecaries in ancient alchemy. It is defined as an Academy to reaffirm the etymological meaning of the Akademos’ Garden: the collective space devoted to learning together. In this sense, MÚSES acts as a House of the Territory, open to the scents, flavours and knowledge of Europe.

MÚSES is a living museum. Its rooms invite visitors to a sensorial experience in a continuous interaction  with technology and art.These are the three souls of MÚSES, enclosed in the genius loci of Palazzo Taffini, which not surprisingly hosts it.

The cultural offer of MÚSES is unique in the world: innovative in terms of cross-cut competences and the relationship between disciplines that are generally far apart and that in Savigliano, they do not only interact but enhance each other.

The creation of the museum is the result of collaborations with national and international institutes including Farina Haus in Cologne, the National Library of Madrid, the National Library of Vienna, the British Museum, the Library in Lyon, Officina di S.M.Novella in Florence, the museum of the City of Santa Maria Maggiore del Verbano , Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice and ASTUT the Science and Technology Archives of the University of Turin.

MÚSES – European Academy of Essences also pays homage to the tradition of Savigliano University and to the synergy created with the Department of Drug Science and Technology of the University of Turin and DISAFA – Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences.
The contributions made by the Cassa Di Risparmio Torino and Cassa di Risparmio Fossano Foundations, the support of the Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano (owner of Palazzo Taffini) and the Municipality of Savigliano have been essential in setting up this project.